Month: July 2014

Empty Walls Street Art Festival 2014

Another way of making our shared spaces more fun and beautiful…

We Are Cardiff

empty walls street art festival 2014

Last year, I left the country for about five months. When I came back, Cardiff was covered in beautiful, huge murals all over some previously pretty ugly buildings. I’d missed when it happened, but it was the doing of the lovely Modern Alchemists, through a project they organised called the Empty Walls Street Art project.

They’re running another Empty Walls festival this year! They’ve got a Kickstarter, and YOU can help them make it happen. I’ve pledged fifty quid towards it, because frankly Cardiff is streets behind other cities when it comes to street art and murals (like Bristol!) and I love looking at them around the city.

“Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals,” they say. The money is going towards the hire of cherry pickers, scaffold and ladders. The more they can fundraise, the…

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The heat wave continues…. and what we should be doing about it

Wow! It’s still brutally warm, it’s now 4.52am, and I can’t sleep.

The heat may not seem like an issue, but several nights over 25 degrees and vulnerable members of society may be at risk.

The article below describes what we can do to reduce heat-related health problems in our communities and how to make Cardiff a more comfortable and healthier place to be during the summer.

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Mark and Gruby’s garden

This week, as Cardiff bakes in a heat wave, we learn to appreciate trees and green spaces in our cities like never before. The asphalt and walls heat up and radiate warmth all night, keeping the nights uncomfortably warm.

Mark and Gruby’s front garden has a cool woodland feel, even through the hottest days of summer. As I cycle slowly up a rather steep hill adjacent to their house every day, I have plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of the space, even with car horns beeping at me to hurry up. Worth it.

If more gardens could be like this one, we would be in a much cooler city, (in every way).

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June’s garden

June’s compact front garden layers climbing plants over deep green hedges over a lush woodland understorey to ensure that the space is maximised and noise and pollution from the nearby roundabout are reduced. Red geraniums, roses and fuchsias add vibrant, exotic splashes of colour. June kindly invited me to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon sipping coffee and eating cake in her splendid back garden.

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Plasnewydd Community Garden

A dedicated team of volunteers have created a beautiful communal garden within 10 minutes walk of the city centre in Roath by the Plasnewydd Community Centre. It is an oasis of calm and cheerfulness, with a welcoming spirit.

Sophie and I joined the team on a July Saturday morning to find out about more about the project.

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