Community Gardens and Allotments Welsh Government Consultation

Currently, there is also a highly relevant Allotments and Community Gardens Consultation, or the more interesting youth version of the same consultation, which is looking to improve the availability of allotments and community gardens where they are needed, with some interesting potential options. The Government needs support or direction from the consultation, so please read, and if you have a comment, take some time and fill in a response. Responses must be in by 12th October 2014.

The consultation builds on the foundations of making Wales more sustainable, by decreasing our reliance on imported food, but also by improving the nation’s health through growing our own healthy foods. There is great emphasis on allowing local community’s access to land.

Sustainable development is enshrined in the Welsh Government constitution, and the government has worked hard to deliver actions on this promise. The One Wales, One Planet has been a pioneering document that has lead to actions across the board. There have been some seemingly easy wins like the plastic bag charge, which has been extremely simple and effective, but which England are somehow almost failing to implement.

There is also the Sustainable Development Charter, which links to the Well-being of Future Generations Bill, where the government are wanting to start a national debate about our future. You can take part by becoming a Futures Champion.

We have a long way to go, but we have a strong vision, we just need to maintain momentum, and participate!


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