A Call for Artists: Collaboration with Nature


Made in Roath had a profound effect on me. I am not an artist. I don’t speak Artist. Artists generally scare me and other non-artists because artists are unpredictable beasts. They make you interact with a space, they invite you to explore feelings, they juxtapose things. But the greatest fear of many non-artists is the threat of having to join in a performance dance piece.

With all that trepidation, I aimed to attend as many of the events as I could. The organisers of Made in Roath are aiming to break down the barriers between artists and the rest of society. The event is to demonstrate the extraordinary talent and ideas that we have in Cardiff and Wales, and to make artists feel safe in showing, sharing and selling their work. The photos above are from a tour organised to show the artists of Rhôd as part of the Rhôd in Roath exhibition, using a number of front gardens along Ninian Road. (Please visit the link for a full explanation of the event.) I want to thank the artists for showing their work in this way, and I do believe they have progressed the urban/rural dialogue through this work. It is a subject close to my heart.

I want to participate in Made in Roath next year. And I want artists and non-artists to participate with me.

A Call for Artists

When artists collaborate with Nature, they don't always win.

WARNING: When artists collaborate with Nature, they don’t always win.

A semi-permanent installation to explore the interaction of ‘shared’ spaces juxtaposed with ‘private’ spaces. The private space you choose must be outside and visible from a public realm space.

The installation must use living media, expressing the artists personality whilst collaborating with Nature, exploring the passage of time, vulnerability and the concept of ‘ownership’.  The challenge is to show real beauty, not a representation. The challenge is to gather positive feedback.

The artist should feel free to record feelings, interactions with members of the public, feedback and fears whilst completing the exhibit. Is the public realm space impacting on you, and are you positively impacting the public realm? I would encourage gaining further guidance from experienced ‘live media’ artists.

A Call for Non-Artists

I am inviting you to grow plants in your front garden, window box or similar in any design you wish, that will express your personality, and to experience the chats you will undoubtedly have with neighbours as you spend more time in your front garden. You could keep a diary of queries, feedback, inspiration, plans, photos, drawings or paintings throughout the year. If you are not a gardener, ask for help from those who are to get you started. (They will probably provide cuttings of their plants, or spare seeds.)


I will be looking to organise a tour or a display for next year’s Made in Roath. If you don’t want to join in the tour, no problem. It would be great, however, to collate your favourite reasons for front gardening to encourage others to join in.

Please get in touch if you have ideas or would like to work together, or if you just want to start front gardening and don’t know how to start. And this is not just limited to Roath residents. Front gardening can make a big impact on cities and villages anywhere. Being available to talk with neighbours can allow a community to grow or regrow. Try it!

(Photo Link.)




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