Ann’s hedge art garden

On a leafy, quiet street in a little front garden lives a rather unusual creature…
Ann once owned a large, unruly, ivy hedge that had grown from a piece of ivy she found in the park and planted. Her original idea has been beautifully brought to life by Karl, her friend and gardening enthusiast, who has created a happy, lounging cat. Karl seems to be enjoying the challenge of the project, but states that ivy is not be the easiest of artistic mediums to work with. “His head needs to be smaller, and his eyes will have more definition, and I’ve left the flowers on for the bees… but he’s starting to take shape.”

Carl trained as an artist, and is interested in the infrastructure and layout of cities, and the artistic expression that many people may miss, such as the building roofs.

Ann has had a meandering career starting off with sociology and anthropology, which lead to a career change to epidemiology whilst she was in Sudan. What started off as a discussion about schistosomiasis has become a lifetime’s work to further understand global health issues. Ann is now semi-retired, but continues to teach research skills to students.


Thanks to Ann and Karl for creating such as fun living sculpture, and I look forward to reviewing his progress as he matures…


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