I am a keen, but untalented gardener, living in Cardiff. Every day I cycle to work through several neighbourhoods of Cardiff, enjoying the changing seasons of colour and the altering gardening styles. I’ve been wondering about who these people are that unknowingly cheer me up with their flowers, hedges and trees, day after day. So after six months of deliberation, I sent my first thank you card, and this blog was born.

I was born in Derbyshire, but I have lived in Cardiff since I studied civil and environmental engineering at Cardiff University. I am interested in the role that gardening can have with regard to social, environmental and economic sustainability for cities.



  1. What a great idea! So often we wonder about things but do nothing about it. I love the idea of sending a thank you. And gardens are so necessary for us. I guess you’re familiar with the guerilla gardener movement and with the idea of seed bombing.
    So many people are spreading hope and a positive message in so many ways. I love it.


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