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A financial model for urban regeneration: what Cardiff could learn from the Victoria Business Improvement District


Pocket park located outside a bank in Victoria. The little park is well maintained and beautifully planted, and still looked good at the end of November.

With the potential for a Cardiff Business Improvement District, I visited an area of London Continue reading

Urban gardening inspiration…


For grand design plans, Urban Greenery  is a pleasant site for beautiful, big ideas.

The RHS are leading the research in to the benefits of front gardens. See their website and research findings, Benefits of urban planting.

Does a tree pit near you require a little Guerrilla gardening?

Trees in need of Guerrillas

SAM_1392If you see the benefit of gardening, but have no garden to call your own, how about finding a little unloved patch of earth and planting it up? Read Guerrilla Gardening for some inspiring stories from around the world, and see their Facebook page to see upcoming events, including the Northern Hemisphere tulip planting event on the 11th October. Many in our community are already planting flowers in tree pits on our streets. (Just don’t plant anything invasive, or that you will miss too much if it gets squashed, and don’t damage the tree roots.)

How about joining Exchange in Roath? Many perennial plants or offshoots can be divided now, giving you extra plants for free. Take these plants or any other spare seeds or gardening equipment along to the drop off points, and turn up for the swap event on the Saturday. You can help other budding gardeners to grow plants for free. These could be used for a Guerrilla gardening event near you, or to cheer up your front garden.

What could you plant in your front garden or at the front of your house to benefit the neighbourhood? 


Empty Walls Street Art Festival 2014

Another way of making our shared spaces more fun and beautiful…

We Are Cardiff

empty walls street art festival 2014

Last year, I left the country for about five months. When I came back, Cardiff was covered in beautiful, huge murals all over some previously pretty ugly buildings. I’d missed when it happened, but it was the doing of the lovely Modern Alchemists, through a project they organised called the Empty Walls Street Art project.

They’re running another Empty Walls festival this year! They’ve got a Kickstarter, and YOU can help them make it happen. I’ve pledged fifty quid towards it, because frankly Cardiff is streets behind other cities when it comes to street art and murals (like Bristol!) and I love looking at them around the city.

“Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals,” they say. The money is going towards the hire of cherry pickers, scaffold and ladders. The more they can fundraise, the…

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