Why are our bumblebees in trouble?

Bumblebees are my number one reason for gardening. I love hearing them, seeing them and knowing that I can help them, even though I live in the middle of a capital city.

I decided to look up the root cause of their decline over the recent past, to check if our efforts are worth it. I have tried to summarise the work of a leading expert in bumblebee ecology and behaviour, after reading one of his publications about bumblebees.* According to Dave Goulson, the main culprits implicated in bumblebee declines are… Continue reading

Cathays Cemetery

Ten years ago, the council were struggling to maintain Cathays cemetery, with very few visitors and the chapel buildings falling in to disrepair. The Catholic chapel had already been knocked down in the 1980s due to safety reasons, and it looked like the two Protestant chapels were soon to follow. It was difficult to justify investment at the site as there was limited local support.

Step in the Friends of Cathays Cemetery! The group showed huge amounts of dedication to the cause, and the restoration of the two remaining chapels at the entrance to the cemetery is nearing completion with new roofs and floors installed, plus disabled access. The Friends Group and the Cardiff Bereavement Services have been working together to ensure the full benefits of this green space are realised by the people of Cardiff, and visitors to the city. The reasons for low visitor numbers has been addressed through guided tours and site information, to help visitors to navigate the large site.

I attended a guided walk around the Heritage Trail with an expert guide, Phil Amphlett, from City of Cardiff Bereavement Services.

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